“World Thinking Day”

Yes you read it right. With the widespread negligence of thinking ability that has been bestowed upon us by nature, many senseless activities are being carried out by homo-THE-sapiens.

To reduce the senselessness and increase sensibility of these activities, UN has decided to celebrate 30th February as “World Thinking Day” ‪#‎Peace‬

On this day homo-THE-sapiens would be required to spend 15 minutes of their precious time on thinking and reasoning. The mass inside their skull hasn’t been used for decades by some of them. It would be an amazing experience for them.

Steps involved in introspection :

Ask yourselves…
“Why am I doing this?”
“What’s the outcome?” (at least short-term if not long-term) ….and many more simple questions.

UN hopes this would be a euphoric experience for some people as they would realize how stupid they have been all throughout their life. Now they can change their ways and experience life differently.

Don’t ‘just do it’.Think. And then ‘just don’t do shit

P.S. This festival is not sponsored by NIKE. Actually they are frightened.

On a serious note : I am actually interested in filing a petition for this. Your views are welcome in the comments section please. I believe that if people start thinking on matters then lot of the ruckus can be avoided. At least people should think in the hindsight. Should the petition be directed towards UNESCO?

Pablo Neruda’s poem Keeping quiet explains it very well.