March 4th

Which is the most commanding day?

Today, March forth!

So today is 4th of March, 2016. For me, it is one of those days when you need life’s order to move forward.

It is important in life to keep running, but sometimes taking a break to tie your shoelaces doesn’t harm. Rather, loosened-laces is a call for you to take a break. Breaks are important for you to maintain your speed further and avoid the risk of tumbling!

Now it is crucial to determine when one must take a break. The good news is that life has its own way to let you know 😀

For a very long time, I’ve been thinking on what to write about! I have made so many commitments to myself and people who matter to me a lot!

An analogy to illustrate how an ambitious and impulsive mind works,

You start running,

You are running really very fast,

And are very happy and high in energy,

You manage to keep this pace for quite long,

(But forgot to notice that the laces are loosening, shoe is wearing out)

So you start projecting your future inside your head,

(dreaming about how things would be like a year later, or even a decade later)

And sometimes(Well yeah, many times :P) you get so attached to the dream that you let the present moment slip out of your hand.

Your dream appears very achievable to you,

(Because you judged yourself while you were sprinting)

You start setting goals,

(Because you want your dreams to become reality)

You got attached to the pace in which you were running, and when you are unable to run at that pace, you get let down by yourself.

But energy level would not always be that high.

You have to keep pace during low days too!

Notes to self:

  1. When sprinting – Do not project! Slow down a bit.
  2. When tired – Do not project! Speed up a bit.
  3. When tying your laces – Um..Wait! Just tie it tightly, double-check..triple-check 😛
  4. Remember you are a runner, not a sprinter. 😀

Sometimes, it is totally Okay to stop somewhere and tie your shoe laces.

Life has a silly habit. It gives you lemons just after giving you sugar. That’s what makes life interesting.

Enjoy the run because “Rivers know this: there is no hurry, we shall get there someday” 

And… all your destinations will accept the one..that’s you!

March 4th! 


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