Kaale YET Dilwale?!

Have you heard the Bollywood song…hum kale hain to kya hua dilwale hai” ? This song connotes to the ever prevailing beauty standards in our country. And also in most parts of the world. For a person to be called beautiful (or handsome), fairness is must.

In the past, term ‘fair’ was synonymous to beauty!

This song is from the movie Gumnaam (1965) and was sung by popular Hindi singer Mohammad Rafi. Present day racial discrimination activists would tag this song as racist. But I don’t blame Bollywood of being racist because it is being honest. It says something about us, about our society.

When you call ‘black’ as ‘black’, you are NOT racist.
When you call ‘white’ as ‘white’, it is also NOT racism.

Racism is when your behavior towards the person changes based on his/her skin color.

Calling someone black or white or whatever shade…is a sign that you are not color blind. That’s it.

Dear ‘Racial discrimination activists’,
Please understand that my ability to identify two different colors DOESN’T make me a racist.

Don’t seek opportunity to get offended in everything.

Are you a racist? : Test it



Sadly : Ironically, fairness-level of a person is used for unfair treatment. Fairness resulting in unfairness!

 Privileged            Not privileged 

I can very well say that the right text is darker than the left one. But my attitude towards these does not change based on the color. And I apply the same principle for my fellow humans because I am Fair.

My Utopian dream…let’s be fair!

 Let’s talk some science

Factors on which skin color depends :

  1. Melanin : Whether you have dark skin or light skin depends on the amount and type of melanin produced in your skin.
  2. Carotene and Hemoglobin.
  3. GENES!

Human skin pigmentation is the result of natural selection.

(Awesome link)

(Some facts)

Clearly, an individual has no role in choosing their skin color. I don’t understand why people take how they look so seriously. There is nothing to be proud about good looks and also nothing to be sad about not-so-good looks.


Umm….meri kya galti!!?

It all depends on one’s intention, like those one liners  “tum toh kala (or gora) hogya“, some might be prejudiced, thinking fairness is of superior breed whereas some are just observers. It’s all about how you prioritize your perception and that is good when you don’t put frivolous things first.

No matter how good and non-prejudiced you are, the first thing that gets noticed is how a person looks. Light travels faster than sound 😛 . So without prioritizing it gets noticed. What a sensible person will do is that he/she would sideline the melanin pigment and move on to more important things 🙂

If you have got good looks…please do something worthwhile of it rather than selling some hoax(ex. Fairness creams)

Gore gore galon pe kala kala Cappuccino

Good looks are attractive. Why not use that attraction to bring attention of the masses towards important issues.

Some models pose nude for PETA. They are using their good looks to give a message.

Some celebrities work for noble causes : Leonardo DiCaprio does for environment. Emma Watson does for gender equality. And many more.

Cosmetic companies are trying to turn India into a nation of Albinos. No dark area on any part of the body. Except maybe our hearts. Got a cream for that?

– Shekhar Kapur

Cosmetic companies are working for fairness!

‘For a person to be called beautiful, fairness is must.’

I strongly support the above statement BUT it’s not the Melanin that I care for, it’s something worthwhile. Something that IS perhaps in our control.

Fairness :

This is REAL fairness

Something philosophical : 

What is skin meant for ?

What is heart meant for ?

If we apply little logic and morality, we can say that having a clear heart is more important that fair skin!

But…we, as a society, are obsessed with being superficial. Matrimonial always has a description of skin color. After all, jo dikhta hai wahi bikta hai. BUT BUT BUT…history says, “Jo achchha hai wahi tikta hai“.

There is no correlation between skin color and quality of one’s heart(philosophically speaking). So let’s change “Kaale Yet Dilwale”  to “Kaale AND Dilwale!

Go beyond looks, make proper connections, that would lead to lasting happy relationships! Otherwise Pyaar Ka Punchnama will happen.

Blind people also fall in love! Don’t rely so much on a single sense. Use all your senses. 


We need to change beauty standards! 

Cosmetic companies, please take care of the prime meaning of fairness!

A warm heart is more adorable than glowing skin.

Dear ‘Cosmetic companies’,

We may want fairness lotions but WE need something else. We are ignorant and superficial hence you are fooling us. We are buying your products but you should be responsible and honest. Say to us,”You cannot change your skin color”.

Help us to accept our natural looks. Uninstall Photoshop from all your computers. Do not delude us. Please stop this consumerism.

If you can come up with a revolutionary fairness-elixir that can make our Hearts clearer, we would pay you well and you can fulfill your capitalist ambitions. Don’t offer us junk, quick fixes.

With lots of hopes and well wishes,

Innocent Junta

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


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